New Paul Kearney interview

Hi guys!

Once more, I was the middle man in this endeavor, helping the good people at to get an interview with Paul Kearney. The interesting Q&A can be found here. The post begins with the French version, so just scroll down to find the English version of the interview.


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Anonymous said...

This is unconnected to the interview, but cool blog, Pat! Hope you don't mind if I check you out from time to time. I find your reviews interesting and enjoy reading some of these interviews.

I figure my work (at least for the moment) is pretty safe. Though I see you've reviewed a couple of Paul's Realms books lately. . . Well.

In any case. Interesting stuff. :)


Patrick said...

Hi Erik,

Glad you're enjoying it!:-) I do my best!

I'll try to keep up the good work and keep things interesting!