Accepting Questions for a Guy Gavriel Kay Interview

Hi there!

I'm pleased to announce that I've secured an interview with one of my favourite fantasy authors of all time! Guy just emailed me to tell me the good news!:-) The Q&A will go live late January or early February, to coincide with the release of Ysabel.

As always, you are all welcome to submit your own questions. The best ones will then be included in my interview. Feel free to submit them here or on the various message boards I frequent.


P. S. This has nothing to do with the Q&A, but I just wanted everyone to know that we have just received our first "official" snowfall in Montreal. . .:-( Damn, but winter has finally arrived!

2 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Howdy pat, were just getting the last bit of snow over here(WA state). After 4/5 days theres finally no more ice lol.
Anyway here is my question

"Mr Kay, have you(and chistopher tolkein) ever considered collaborating on a new project?"

Anonymous said...

Snow? HAH!
We currently have an average temperature of 10 to 15 Celsius (50 - 59 Fahrenheit) here in germany. Talk about strange weather....

Anyway, here are some questions for Mr. Kay:

Mr. Kay, are there already any german publishers for the new book? And wouldn't the release of a new book a great time to remind german publishers that the last release of the Fionavar-triology was around 1996, so those books are OOP for a long time? And maybe that Fionavar should really be released in hardcover over here? ;)

(I know Mr. Kay won't have any influence on the german publishing, but maybe his agent can remind some folks over here, that Fionavar is one of those fantasy highlights, that deserve a HC publication...)