New Brandon Sanderson Interview

Once again, I acted as the middleman to help get another interview, this time with Brandon Sanderson. The French translation has been up for a while now, but I was just notified that the English version has been posted.

You can find the Q&A here.


3 commentaires:

The Wedge said...

Thanks for the interview link, Pat.

Coincidentally, I just started reading Elantris yesterday. So far, interesting stuff.

Arcy said...

Brandon's a cool dude. I guess he went to a couple of more well known fantasy author's websites (and forums) as part of his book promotion and we ended up having Elantris for one of our monthly Book Club readings at Melanie Rawn's forum. Imagine doing a book club discussion with the author there the whole time! Sweet. Elantris is great for a debut, and I think he'll only continue to improve.

Emmanuel said...

Thanks again, Pat. :-)