Accepting questions for a new Tad Williams interview

Hi guys!

To help promote the release of Tad Williams' newest novel, Shadowplay, I will be interviewing the author. As always, I welcome questions submitted by fans. Feel free to leave yours in the comment section or on the numerous message boards where this announcement will be made.

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Anonymous said...

Questions for Tad:
Your short story "The Happiest Dead Boy in the World" planted the seed for a possible sequel to OTHERLAND. Is there any chance that there will be more OTHERLAND stories or even a full novel forthcoming?

Some time ago you mentioned on your website that you were writing a film treatment for a producer based on your MEMORY, SORROW AND THORN TRILOGY. Has anything come out of that?


Anonymous said...

I always thought Williams intended to write more novels with the setting of Osten Ard, as there was a vision at the end of the last book.

Maybe you could ask him if there are any plans...?

Anonymous said...
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Patrick said...

Sorry for deleting that porn link...:-)

Anonymous said...

Could you ask-
Tad Williams- After shadow series do you plan on continuing in the world of memory sorrow thorn, or is that not in your style to create mono multi-epic series like Jordan for example.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Williams,

Do you plan to publish a collection of short stories centered around the Osten Ard books, like (and including) the short story from the "Legends" collection?


Anonymous said...

As Darkstar metioned I'm intersted in more Osten Ard Stories. Is he working on the short story collection "A Memory In Stone"?