As you can see, I have just updated my list of links. Yes, it was a long time in coming, I know. So if you made it in there, good for you! I'm persuaded that I have forgotten a lot of stuff, and I'm sure you guys will remind me of what's missing.

But fear not, for those websites/blogs will be added during our next update! As to exactly when that will occur, I advise you not to hold your breath!;-)

Who knows!?! Perhaps next time I'll put everything in alphabetical order! There are few things I hate more than screwing around with my blog template. . .

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Edward Willett said...

Hi, Pat,

You might want to include the SF Canada site: we're the Canadian professional association for speculative fiction writers, SF and fantasy. Or perhaps just the Current News blog. The full site is at and the news blog, with news of new books, story sales, reviews, interviews, etc., with our members is at

Edward Willett
SF Canada Administrative Assistant

Race said...

Now see, I on the other hand lover adding crap to my blog. :p

Adam Whitehead said...

Nice one, Pat! Cheers for the link!

Neth said...

Pat, do yourself a favor, take a couple hours, switch to beta blogger, and update your template. It makes managing links and such much easier, it just takes a bit of time to make the transition. I just did a template update a couple days ago - things are better.

Also it might allow your page to load a bit quicker. *hint*