Publishers Weekly on the future of fantasy and science fiction

The article is interesting to a certain degree, though I don't agree with everything it says. . .

See for yourself!:-)

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Unknown said...

I don't watch or read science fiction because I expect them to predict future. Quite the contrary - sf and fantasy tell about our times and our current issues and problems but with a distacing POV.

The death of books was predicted when radio was invented. It was predicted again when movies became popular, and again with TVs. Now, I actually agree that computer and video games are giving books a run for their money, simply because most games a very easy and quick to get into and play.

However, I think that books are going to change and not die. Already there are huge markets for ebooks and I can see them just growing. Ebooks are cheaper and you can print them anyway you want so you don't have to read them from the monitor.

I do agree that only the megahits are likely to be sold in print in the future. It just means that everyone else are going to move to the ebook business.

Unless, of course, the consumers are likely to change their buying habits and buy books no matter how expensive they are.