Raymond E. Feist contest winners!

Hi guys!

The names of our five winners have been drawn, and for once we have a bunch of Canucks taking the cake!;-) Each will receive a copy of Feist's newest, Into a Dark Realm, compliments of the good folks at HarperCollins.

The winners are:

- Marc Savoie, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Blend on malazanempire.com)

- Michele Marques, from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

- Rory Kennedy, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

- Ed Sinkovits, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

- Don D'Souza, from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Thanks to all the participants!

4 commentaires:

Ed S. said...

I'm a three time winner. Feel the love!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


And I thought I'd never win!! wOOt!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! I've been trying for awhile, and finally! Thanks Pat!

SQT said...

2 of my 3 books arrived today (the third is on backorder) and I am sooo psyched!