NFL Showdown: GRRM vs Pat (Week 13)

Dallas Cowboys 37
Green Bay Packers 27

New York Giants 21
Chicago Bears 16

The Cowboys are now 11-1 and in a somewhat commanding lead of the NFC, but the damned G-Men found a way to come back and win it against Chicago, which now makes them 8-4. As I told George, I don't want the 'Boys to face the Giants in the playoffs. This is exactly the kind of game they would lose, and with that loss my hopes of getting horribly killed in the next ASOIAF volume would go up in smoke.

Yet the odds are still in my favor. This from GRRM in his last email:

I assume you enjoyed the Cowboys win. Sad to say, looks as though we're heading for a Cowboys - Patriots Superbowl. Hitler versus Stalin. Hooboy.

I am mulling how I mean to kill you.

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