Sad news for Terry Pratchett fans

Just saw this sad piece of news here:

Folks,I would have liked to keep this one quiet for a little while, but because of upcoming conventions and of course the need to keep my publishers informed, it seems to me unfair to withhold the news. I have been diagnosed with a very rare form of early onset Alzheimer's, which lay behind this year's phantom "stroke".

We are taking it fairly philosophically down here and possibly with a mild optimism. For now work is continuing on the completion of Nation and the basic notes are already being laid down for Unseen Academicals. All other things being equal, I expect to meet most current and, as far as possible, future commitments but will discuss things with the various organisers. Frankly, I would prefer it if people kept things cheerful, because I think there's time for at least a few more books yet.

Terry Pratchett

PS I would just like to draw attention to everyone reading the above that this should be interpreted as 'I am not dead'. I will, of course, be dead at some future point, as will everybody else. For me, this maybe further off than you think it's too soon to tell. I know it's a very human thing to say "Is there anything I can do", but in this case I would only entertain offers from very high-end experts in brain chemistry.

Man, it's a tough year for the genre's most popular authors. . .:-(

My thoughts and prayers are with Pratchett and his family.

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SQT said...

Oh sh**! A relative of mine was diagnosed with this several years ago and it was bad bad bad. I hope Pratchett's Alzheimer's isn't as aggressive as some early onset types can be.

That just sucks.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope its super-mild.

I've met the man a few times and he is ultra super nice. Such a shame for such a brilliant brain to go that way.

Anonymous said...

He has been a favorite of my daughter's and mine for a number of years. I had to tell her this morning about his early onset Alzheimer's. Sad times.

We read his post. His humor and honesty shines through even faced with something as insidious as Alzheimers... what would you expect of guy that named Death's horse Binky?

Anonymous said...


Kaza Kingsley, said...

How sad!
Thanks for posting this --

By the way, I didn't see an email contact and would like to talk to you about several things, including a Blog Tour I'm doing!

Can you email me at ?

Kaza Kingsley
Author of the Erec Rex fantasy series