Peter S. Beagle contest winners!

Both winners will receive copies of Peter S. Beagle's A Fine and Private Place (Canada, USA, Europe) and We Never Talk About My Brother (Canada, USA, Europe), compliments of the nice folks at Tachyon Publications.

The winners are:

- Hasinur Rahman, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

- Tyler Delaney, from Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Thanks to all the participants!

2 commentaires:

delaneytw said...

Yea hoo! I won the giveaway!!! This was the first one I entered in, I didn't think I'd have a real chance, but I said well what the hell, why not. And I freaking won! Ever since I saw GRRM recommend reading Peter S. Beagle I've been meaning to pick up some of his stuff. Well this works out perfect...can't wait to read them! Thanks Pat for setting up these book giveaways!!

Hasinur Rahman said...

hey man, this is so cool, i cant wait to get them, thanks a lot!!!!