California Dreaming. . .

Well, this year was meant for me to visit Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, and Romania. Alas, I got fucked up the ass at work and was unable to put my 4 weeks of vacation time together, which means that Eastern Europe will have to wait.

I contemplated traveling to Egypt, but the price tag was too big for such a relatively short vacation. The Pyramids and the Sphinx will, sadly, have to wait as well.

In need of something to fill two weeks, I turned to the West Coast of the USA. So I'm flying to California on Saturday, where I'll spend 5 nights in Los Angeles, 4 nights in San Francisco, and another 4 nights in Las Vegas. I daresay it will be a fun-filled adventure!

No need to worry, as I have a number of giveaways and additional material on tap for you while I'll roast under the Californian sunshine!;-)

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Adam said...

Hey there, Pat. I am a California native and can safely say you made a great choice. I live about 40 minutes north of San Francisco and can certainly suggest a wealth of things for you to while you're here. Certain things I would NOT miss:

- Walking in Haight/Ashbury and Golden Gate Park... do not miss Fat Slice Pizza
- Union Square.. the Farralon has excellent, although highly priced seafood
- Ferry to Alcatraz and Angel Island
- Japan town
- Night life is great in North Beach and Downtown
- Cross the Golden Gate and go Wine tasting in the North Bay Area... I'd suggest Sonoma County rather than Napa (more free tastings, as Napa wineries usually charge a fee)

Not too sure about what there is to do in LA other than hang out with hipster scum. Have a great trip!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad you aren't coming this year... But you must know, for next time, that you have free bed&breakfast in Romania, whenever you decide to come :)

Melinda said...

Too bad your initial plans feel through, but California/Las Vegas sound great too! I've never visited the US myself; it's been a long time on the top of my holiday list, but just can't afford it.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey I live 90 minutes to the east of SF, and Adam gave you great advice.

As far as LA, I lived there 10 years, have no idea what you should do there - too much to choose from. Anyway, you'll be spending 95% of your time driving from one place to the other. What I liked was on Saturday I could go snow skiing and on Sunday I could go to the beach.

ediFanoB said...

Due to economic crisis I'll spend my holidays at home. Reading books on the balcony isn't that bad.

Anyway I hope you will enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

2 weeks would make a nice trip to Japan !

dani said...

Is it too stalkerish of me to ask where you'll be staying? I work at a fairly big boutique hotel chain in San Francisco (that also has a couple in SoCal) so I'm curious. :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm more curious WHEN you'll be in SF...all the dance events are weekly, so I can't recommend things if I don't know the days you'll be in town!

There's also a Fat Slice on Telegraph in Berkeley, if you make it there and miss the one in the Haight.

Patrick said...

Adam: Thanks for the recs! Most of that stuff was already on the menu, but now I know I'll check out Fat Slice Pizza! I'm allergic to seafood, so no Farralon for me. But there are plenty of other dining options around Union Square.

Dani: Since for me traveling is as much about meeting people as it is about seeing the sights, I mostly steer clear of hotels whenever quality options are available. Hence, I'll be staying at the HI L. A.-Santa Monica hostel, two blocks from the beach. In San Francisco, I'll be rooming at the Adelaide Hostel, the best-rated hostel in town and smack down in the Union Square area to boot. Only in Vegas, where I score such cheap rates, will I be staying at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino.

Noirrosaleen: I'm landing in LA this Saturday and will remain there for 5 nights. I'm flying to San Francisco on the 28th for 4 nights, and then on to Vegas for an additional 4 nights.