China Miéville contest winners!

Our five winners will get their hands on a complimentary copy of China Miéville's The City & the City, courtesy of the kind folks at Pan MacMillan. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe.

The winners are:

- Iain Green, from Liverpool, England

- Angela MacRae, from Inverness, Scotland

- Stephen McNally, from Limerick, Ireland

- Gareth Ackrill, from Reading, England

- Lawrence Harris, from Bristol, England

Thanks to all the participants!

8 commentaires:

TheDude said...

I really wanted to win this one.

Although...3 British, 1 Irish and 1 Scottish winning the same prize?
What are the odds of that?

That's mighty suspicious! :-P

Anonymous said...

How are contest winners chosen? Is it first email wins or is it a random thing? I am not knowing.
I wish I knew, because if it's first emails then I'm wasting my time. If it's some other random factor then I'll keep at it.

angelshimmery said...

Thank you so much really looking forward to this one.

IJ said...

Thanks so much Pat, can't believe I won. This'll be my first time reading Miéville & the interview you posted was a great taster, so I'm really looking foward to it!!

IJ said...

Keep persisting, it's worth it Anonymous. Especially if it's a title you're really eager to read. It must be a fair & random contest, I'm sure all emails are taken into account, otherwise what could be gained by limiting the contestants.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million Pat, looking forward to checking this out. I've never read Mieville but really liked your review.

TheDude - at least you didn't say 5 british :)

Stephen - Limerick

Lawrence Harris said...

Wow, thanks Pat I've been a big fan of China Mieville since Perdido Street Station, can't wait to read this!

TheDude said...


I had a feeling that the Scottish and Irish winners wouldn't find it very amusing if I called them all British. :-)

Congratz on the book!