Things that make you go "hmm..."

New disclaimer on Terry Goodkind's official website. . .

Proceed with caution indeed. . .  Gotta love the Yeard!!! :P

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Paul Weimer said...

Oookay, then.

Unknown said...

I am a little perplexed to say the least. What is his Royal Yeardiness up to?

machinery said...

well, his books are not a song of ice and fire, but i prefer his arrogance to martin's attitude.
fuck, i like saying this to all you quire boys of martin who pisses on you all the time.
even now he's already waiting with the 6th book till the 5th season of that crappy crappy show (worse than legend of the seeker).
tell me all you quire boys, how does it feel to live for martin ?

Spaz said...

What is a quire boy?

Anonymous said...

Worse than Legend of the Seeker???

lmao! you're joking right?

I don't like the Ice and Fire story, but the production is phenomenal. If you can't see the difference between AGOT and LOTS then I feel sorry for you.


machinery said...

spaz - those boys who sings at churches.
i don't know much about churches .

machinery said...

belechael -
for me the story ended with the kidnapping of the dragons.
enough, i read a soiaf not some version of forgotten realms of it.
i knew that tv would exagerate some parts (the extreme nudity is fun the first few scene but after that it's a burden), and omit other parts, but inventing things that never were ?
that's not something i can accept.
for me it's worse than legend of the seeker, because of the levels of materials that were at the base of the series.
i never expected much from goodkind's books as a tv show, but his books were little more than average at best.
martin is a whole other story.

SmartAlick said...

I think his point was that the word you're looking for is "choir"...and even then I'm not sure it represents what you meant it to, although I guess the point was clearly inferable.

That aside, were it from the website of anyone else, I would think this a pretty humorous joke and e-chuckle my little head off. Its funny how being a jerk can change something from funny to ridiculous.

With regard to this tangential LotS vs. SoIaF business, it actually seems to me that their attitudes are in fact quite similar: "This is what I'm doing and this is what I'm calling it, deal with it because I don't care what you say". The difference perhaps resides in one being prolific yet of significantly lower literary caliber, while the other writes quite well when he can actually be bothered to do so...which appears to be a rather rare occurrence.