"What Doctor Gottlieb Saw" by Ian Tregillis

As you know, as things stand Ian Tregillis' The Coldest War is my favorite speculative fiction novel of the year. Sadly, however, it often feels as though very few people have given the excellent Bitter Seeds a shot. =(

Recent discussions about The Coldest War made me recall that there is a free short story featuring the enigmatic Gretel available online. It's titled "What Doctor Gottlieb Saw" and it shows just how devious Gretel can be.

And it starts like this: “Do you suppose it’s possible to murder God?”

Follow this link if you wish to read Ian Tregillis' "What Doctor Gottlieb Saw."

If you enjoy the short story, do give Bitter Seeds and The Coldest War a go. Both are great reads!

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Shane said...

Bitter Seeds is on my list of books to download sometime in the near future.