Excerpt from Bradley P. Beaulieu's THE FLAMES OF SHADAM KHOREH

Bradley P. Beaulieu will soon release The Flames of Shadam Khoreh, final installement in The Lays of Anuskaya series. To whet his fans' appetite, the author just made the first five chapters available on his website!

And don't forget that you can still download the first volume, the excellent The Winds of Khalakovo, for only 2.99$ here. And the second installment, The Straits of Galahesh, is also available for 4.99$ here.

Here's the blurb:

Nearly two years after the harrowing events of The Straits of Galahesh, Atiana and Nikandr continue their long search for Nasim. The clues they find lead them to the desert wastes of the Gaji, where the fabled valley of Shadam Khoreh lies.

But all is not well. War has moved from the islands to the mainland, and the Grand Duchy knows its time may be limited if Yrstanla rallies its forces. Worse, the wasting disease and the rifts grow ever wider, threatening places that once thought themselves safe. The Dukes believe that their only hope may be to treat with the Haelish warriors to the west of Yrstanla, but Nikandr knows that the key is to find Nasim and a lost artifact known as the Atalayina.

Will Nikandr succeed and close the rifts once and for all? The answer lies deep within the Flames of Shadam Khoreh.

From Bradley P. Beaulieu, author of the critically acclaimed debut novel, The Winds of Khalakovo, comes the concluding volume in the Lays of Anuskaya trilogy, The Flames of Shadam Khoreh.

Follow this link to read the sample chapters.

2 commentaires:

Cliff said...

I went to a number of the bookseller sites and none of them list this book. Is there going to be a physical edition even with Nightshade's problems or is it just an ebook. Amazon, Smashword and Kobo do not have any listing for this title in any format.

Brad Beaulieu said...

Hi Cliff,

There will be a physical edition. I broke from Night Shade a few months back and am putting out this final volume myself, and unfortunately when you do that Amazon and Barnes & Noble don't allow you to presell copies. But as soon as the physical copies are ready to go in 3 weeks, they'll be available for order.