More inexpensive ebook goodies!

You can now download Lee Battersby's The Corpse-Rat King for only 4.89$ here. I'm told that it is something with the deft voice of K.J. Parker and the wry humour of Joe Abercrombie, wrapped up in a rather fabulous low-fantasy setting that begs further exploration.

Here's the blurb:

Marius dos Hellespont and his apprentice, Gerd, are professional looters of battlefields. When they stumble upon the corpse of the King of Scorby and Gerd is killed, Marius is mistaken for the monarch by one of the dead soldiers and is transported down to the Kingdom of the Dead.

Just like the living citizens, the dead need a King - after all, the King is God’s representative, and someone needs to remind God where they are. And so it comes to pass that Marius is banished to the surface with one message: if he wants to recover his life he must find the dead a King. Which he fully intends to do.

Just as soon as he stops running away.

The sequel, The Marching Dead, is also available here.

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Cursed Armada said...

These books are a lot of fun. I was reminded of Jesse Bullington and Scott Lynch. The first one (The Corpse Rat King) flew under the radar but it was a great debut.