Director Johnny Kenton recently sent me a link to a new science fiction short film they made titled Hereafter. Starring Anthony Head (Buffy / Merlin) and Lydia Wilson (Black Mirror / Never Let Me Go), I thought it was pretty good, so I'm sharing it here! =)

Here's the blurb:

Hereafter is a supernatural sci-fi thriller directed by Johnny Kenton starring Lydia Wilson, Anthony Head, Hedydd Dylan, Emma Blackery and Ashley Holland from the Storm Free Run Team.

HEREAFTER follows the story of Katcher (Lydia Wilson) in a near future world where people are having the internet in their heads possesed by a figure called 'The Ghost'. We follow Katcher as she attempts to pass brutal initiations to join the genetically modified police force, known as 'The Guardians'. As she progresses and discovers more about her past she is forced into ever more high stakes decisions on her future and the very future of 'The State'.

Don't know what the budget was, but it's surprisingly well-made!

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