Sexism in genre publishing

Julie Crisp, Editorial Director at Tor UK, just wrote an interesting article on the perceived sexism within SFF. Here's a teaser:

In the last few years I have seen numerous articles deploring the lack of female SFF writers, in science fiction in particular. And usually, the blame always comes back to the publisher’s doorstep. Every time I’ve seen one of these articles I get a little hot under the collar because, guess what? I work in publishing. I work in genre. And here’s the kicker – I’m a woman. Yes, a female editor commissioning and actively looking for good genre – male AND female.

I’m just one of a fair few female editors in this particular area. My colleagues (and competitors) are a set of brilliant, intelligent and hard-working women, who have loved genre since they were kids, have fought their way through the ranks, have extensive lists, love their jobs and don’t compromise on the quality of fiction they publish. To name but a few there’s Bella Pagan who works with me at Tor UK, Gillian Redfearn at Gollancz, Anne Clarke at Orbit, Jo Fletcher at Jo Fletcher Books, Jane Johnson and Emma Coode at Voyager, Cath Trechman at Titan and Anne Perry over at Hodder.

That means that every genre publisher in the UK has female commissioning editors and 90% of the genre imprints here are actually run by women. So you can imagine there’s a slight sense of frustration each time I see yet another article claiming that UK publishers are biased towards male writers. And I do wonder if those writing the pieces are aware who is actually commissioning these authors?

Follow this link to read the full piece.

2 commentaires:

Jon R said...

Great perspective. When editors resist the temptation to artificially level the playing field we as readers can truly appreciate great female authors. I think we're at the point now where, even though more is written by men, there's enough really high quality stuff written by women that we don't need to force the issue too much.

Anonymous said...

I see the feminazi kurva faction incoming.

BTW, has anybody ever mentioned that the three most popular genre authors of the 21st century (Rowling, Collins and Meyer) are female?