"Level 17" Episode 1

To say that I'm behind on my correspondence in the Hotlist's Facebook page's inbox would be a gross understatement. John DeCaux, Australian director/writer/producer at Six Foot Four Productions sent me a link to the first episode of "Level 17," a new action adventure science fiction web-series that has just been released.

Here's a bit more about it:

A college student struggles to understand his destiny when time begins folding in on itself. The only way he can save his girl -- is to save the world.

"Level 17" is about a young man called Ethan and the people of Adelaide who want to find out the truth about IOB Corp., but due to the military presence they can't, so they create a resistance in spite of the fact that the city has been evacuated and is in lockdown. The resistance continues to fight until answers are found.

Not sure exactly what this is supposed to be about, but the quality is nice enough for me to help them out and give these guys a signal boost.

For more info about this web-series: http://www.level17webseries.com

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John deCaux said...

Episode 2 is here!


Please comment and share the episode with friends and family!

We have also launched our crowd funding campaign!

Every dollar counts for us to continue creating this web-series!