Play Steve Jackson's Sorcery series on your smartphone!

Old-timers from the 80s like me will have fond memories of Steve Jackson's Sorcery, one of the best Choose Your Own Adventure series of that era. Inkle Studios made a video game for the iPhone, with a version for Android coming soon! And it looks like the game captures the magic of the books! I'll definitely download the first one as soon as the Android edition is available. So if you want to travel back in time and experience a part of your childhood once more, follow this link for more information.

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Morrigan said...

Nice that it's coming to Android. I loved the Sorcery! books as a kid. They're kinda expensive though, might wait til there's a discount.

FYI, some Fighting Fantasy adaptations are also available (again, kinda expensive):

Forest of Doom

House of Hell

Blood of the Zombie (I snagged this one for free when it was Amazon's Free App of the Day a while back, but haven't tried it yet...)

And even better: the Lone Wolf books are available completely free for Android! They're not as flashy as those others (text only, but that suits me just fine) but the gameplay is very well done and they're just plain fun to re-read, especially if you're nostalgic about those like I am. It was also funny to play them without, y'know, cheating (lol, we all did that xD).

Lone Wolf:

Cecrow said...

I still love the artwork. And I have a copy of the fourth Sorcery book, the big one that's almost impossible to get through cleanly.