Jupiter Ascending Trailer

Will this be the next visually stunning turd of a scifi movie, or will it be good? Time will tell. . .

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Ripper Madness said...

I might have been one of the two people who actually loved CLOUD ATLAS. I hope JUPITER ASCENDING is not a visually stunning turd. I want or more importantly need this movie to be good because I think the Wachowski siblings at least attempt to make interesting movies instead of the ear shattering visual bombast of another Michael Bay style crap-fest or One More Super-Hero or Comic Book brought to the big screen. I hope its at least successful so they can still make movies.

Unfortunately my prediction is: Complete Turd. Why? The two main stars. Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum...can someone in casting please get anyone more bland than these two generic interchangeable actors. They are 'names' that people have heard of but these two certainly don't get me to put my book down and run to the movie theater and plop down my $20. Hey I love Sean Bean, but besides GAME OF THRONES, please name me anything he has been in since THE LORD OF THE RINGS that has been worth watching more than once?

The movie that looks more amazing and DOES have a cast that I would plop down money for is the new Terry Gilliam movie THE ZERO THEOREM. If it ever gets distributed in the U.S. in more than one theater that is.

I hope JUPITER ASCENDING is good, really good. But I won't hold my breath just in case.

Keep up the great work on the Hotlist.

Jens said...

"please name me anything [Sean Bean] has been in since THE LORD OF THE RINGS that has been worth watching more than once"

Happy to oblige! ;-)

- National Treasure
- Troy
- North Country
- Flightplan
All worth watching more than once; some might also cite "Silent Hill". He's done quite a few movies in the recent years but I haven't seen any of these so I won't comment.