The Pat's Fantasy Hotlist world tour hits the road again!

Well, winter officially began on Saturday.

Be that as it may, it's been an unseasonably cold month of December and in Montréal we received about 70 cm of snow in the last 10 days or so. With the extreme cold wave we had last week, during which temperatures went all the way down to -28°C with the windchill, I'm already fed up with this crap and the worst is yet to come! =(

My leave of absence request was accepted by the head office, so on January 6th I'll be flying away to warmer locales to escape the harsh Canadian winter! =) The destinations this time are Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, and Cambodia. All in all, I'll be traipsing around Southeast Asia for the better part of 6 weeks!

Winter is coming. . . And Pat is getting the hell out of here! ;-)

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