Quote of the Day

I would miss Edda, she really was a sweet girl. Also a demon in the furs. In fact I sometimes got the feeling that I was her foreign fling rather than the other way around. Never any talk of inviting me to meet her parents. Never a whisper about marriage to her prince. . . A man enjoying himself any less than I was might have had his pride hurt a touch by that. Northern ways are very strange. I'm not complaining. . . but they're strange. Between the three of them I'd spent the winter in a constant state of exhaustion. Without the threat of impending death I might never have mustered the energy to leave. I might have lived out my days as a tired but happy tavernkeeper in Trond.

- MARK LAWRENCE, The Liar's Key (Canada, USA, Europe)

If you enjoyed Prince of Fools, it looks as though this second volume will be as good! =)

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