R. Scott Bakker turned in the manuscript for The Unholy Consult last year. This was confirmed on Bakker's blog in March 2014.

Unfortunately, the author recently posted that there was no release date available thus far in his latest blog post:

Regarding the vanishing American e-books, my agent tells me that Overlook has recently switched distributors, and that the kerfuffle will be sorted out shortly. If you decide to pass this along, please take the opportunity to shame those who illegally download. I’m hanging on by my fingernails, here, and yet the majority of hits I get whenever I do my weekly vanity Google are for links to illegal downloads of my books. I increasingly meet fools who seem to think they’re ‘sticking it to the man’ by illegally downloading, when in fact, what they’re doing is driving commercially borderline artists–that is, those artists dedicated to sticking it to the man–to the food bank.

As for pub dates, still no word from either Overlook (who will also be handling the Canadian edition) or Orbit. Sorry guys.

So yes, this sucks. . . =(

And no, still no words as to when I'll receive the promised extract from The Unholy Consult.

3 commentaires:

Cursed Armada said...

Sheesh, as if Monday's weren't bad

machinery said...

terrible author, terrible story.

Funksoul123 said...

Fantastic author, wonderful story. It's very dense reading though and very introspective. Erikson gets away with his dense writing because he has an action scene every other page, yet I would argue (except for world-building)he is the lesser author.