Get the digital edition of Steven Erikson's FALL OF LIGHT for only 2.99$ if you have pre-ordered the print edition

Just found out about this. It appears that if you have pre-ordered a copy of Steven Erikson's eagerly anticipated Fall of Light  (Canada, USA, Europe) on, you can also pre-order the ebook edition for only 2.99$.

You can see the photo evidence here.

Not sure if this is for a limited time only, so better go for it now if you are interested!

4 commentaires:

Shouting Into The Void said...

There needs to be more initiatives like this. e.g. When/If The Winds of Winter comes out lots of people are going to want the hardback for their collection and an ebook to take to work, etc. Hope this is a success.

Pedro Q. said...

Tried buying the print edition on the spot on and it didn't work unfortunately. Guessing it was only for preorders really.

Laura said...

I think it's USA only. Amazon calls it "Kindle Matchbook." Find out more here:

Ripper Madness said...

Ugh! I wish I had known this earlier. I had pre-ordered both the U.S. & U.K. hardcovers but had totally forgotten that I had ordered the U.K hardcover. I had ordered the U.K. hardcover all the way back in February 2014 - easy to forget since I rarely order from there any more. When I got an email from Amazon UK that my order of FALL OF LIGHT had shipped I immediately canceled my U.S. pre-order since money is tight.

I can't wait to read FALL OF LIGHT. Unfortunately the U.K. version might take a few more days.

As always keep up the great work. Always appreciated.