More inexpensive ebook goodies!

A bunch of SFF authors have teamed up and created the "Escape your taxes sale"!

Tax season is officially upon us, and what better way to escape that bitter, bitter pain than by nabbing a few sweet books on the cheap? From April 12th – 16th, you can get any of the 21 books the participating authors are offering at steep discounts, some at up to 70% off! A few of our books are even FREE!

Here’s a rundown of what everyone’s offering:

Bradley P. Beaulieu

To the Towers of Tulandan, a Lays of Anuskaya novella – FREE!
The Winds of Khalakovo – $1.99
The Straits of Galahesh – $2.99
The Flames of Shadam Khoreh – $2.99

Gwenda Bond

The Woken Gods – $2.99

Jeff Carlson

Plague Year – $1.99
Plague War – $1.99
Plague Zone – $1.99
Long Eyes – $1.99

Matt Forbeck

Brave New World: Revolution – $2.99
Hard Times in Dragon City – $2.99
Dangerous Games: How to Play – $2.99

Brian McClellan

Murder at the Kinnen Hotel, a Powder Mage novella – FREE!
Ghosts of the Tristan Basin, a Powder Mage novella – $1.99
Forsworn, a Powder Mage novella – $1.99
Servant of the Crown, a Powder Mage Novella – $1.99
The Powder Mage Novella Collection #1 – $5.99

Michael J. Sullivan

The Death of Dulgath – $2.99

Martha Wells

Wheel of the Infinite – $1.99
City of Bones – $1.99

Chuck Wendig

Blue Blazes – $2.99
Hellsblood Bride – $2.99

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Becky G said...

What a great post! "Escape Your Taxes"!! I love it. I can't think of better ways to do that then to reading great books! I am into some fantasy right now, Ben Eliahu's Snowflake River. Me and my girls are reading it, it's very, very good! Reads like a non-fiction which makes it so much better!