Things that make you go "hmmm..."

As a member of the Amazon Associates program in Canada, the USA, and the UK, I receive at least 3 or 4 email alerts every week informing me of special offers, yada yada yada. These so-called email alerts are supposed to be "in sync" with the blog's content, which means that they should have something to do with the SFF genres. That's not always the case, but when something looks like it could be of interest to many of you I usually let you all know.

Thanks to Brett who just emailed me, it has just come to my attention that it's science fiction month on What the fuck!?! Excuse me!?! You're sending me emails letting me know that Grand Theft Auto IV will soon be released when my last gaming console was a Sega Genesis, but somehow you don't see fit to let me know that it's science fiction month on the website??? I mean, what sort of stupid dumbasses run this joint???

Curious by nature, Brett wanted to know why I wasn't spreading the word the way I did with the DVD boxsets a few weeks back. By the way, he says that you can also get great deals on non-SFF shows like The Sopranos, Sex in the City, 24, Six Feet Under, and more.

Understandably, I blew a gasket or two when I read Brett's message. Calming down, I perused to realize that it is indeed science fiction month. They call it Amazon Cosmotopia. They have a 4 for 3 book deal going on, and you can get most scifi movies on DVD at around 40% to 50% off. They have quite a selection, including all the Star Trek titles, Star Wars, The Terminator, Aliens, Cloverfield, Bladerunner, Predator, Hellboy, Independence Day, Transformers, and many, many more.

TV shows, toys, gadgets, etc, are all on sale. I tried to find out if these specials will end on April 30th, but there's no info on that. I guess it has to, what with this being science fiction month and all. . .

I checked and there is no such thing going on on and, though the latter habitually offers better deals to begin with. To peruse their selection: Canada, USA, Europe.

Hmmm, I'll probably take advantage of the strength of the Canadian dollar to buy a few DVDs to add to my collection!;-) But I still can't believe that I never received an email alert pertaining to this. . .:-(

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Unknown said...

I didn't realize it was SF month at amazon either. I also don't know if the 4 for 3 promotion will end on April 30. However, I purchase books from amazon every month, and I took advantage of the "4 for 3" promotion last month (in the first week of May) so I am unsure if this is just a 1 month promotion.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am becoming a semi-regular reader of your blog. I thought you might want to know that the 4 for 4 promotion is a ongoing deal that Amazon has (at least the US one). I know I have seen it at least 6 months ago, maybe more. Anyway, keep up the great blog!

(do you even read comments on older posts?)

vicki_girl from

Anonymous said...

oops, I meant 4 for 3 promotion.