More inexpensive ebook goodies!

You can now download James Islington's The Shadow of What Was Lost, first volume in the Licanius trilogy, for only 4.99$ here. It's supposed to be a must for fans of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time.

Here's the blurb:

It has been twenty years since the god-like Augurs were overthrown and killed. Now, those who once served them - the Gifted - are spared only because they have accepted the rebellion's Four Tenets, vastly limiting their powers.

As a Gifted, Davian suffers the consequences of a war lost before he was even born. He and others like him are despised. But when Davian discovers he wields the forbidden power of the Augurs, he sets into motion a chain of events that will change everything.

To the west, a young man whose fate is intertwined with Davian's wakes up in the forest, covered in blood and with no memory of who he is...

And in the far north, an ancient enemy long thought defeated begins to stir.

2 commentaires:

Silent said...

The Shadow of What Was Lost is worth $4.99 in my opinion. It's not "The Wheel of Time Reborn", so don't expect that. It is however, a quick and fun read. Michael Kramer does the audiobook too for those you enjoy a book that way.

machinery said...

well, the last time dragged and became hard to read. i think i'll wait this time.