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An adventure is somebody else slogging through the mud and snow while suffering from trench foot, ringworm, dysentry and starvation, being chased by people with their hearts set on murder or more. I have been there. I have done that, playing both parts. I do not recommend it. Be content with a nice farm or shop. Make lots of babies and bring them up to be good people.

GLEN COOK, The Many Deaths of the Black Company.

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Though the book is not as good as I expected, it is quite a treat to have Croaker return as the POV narrator!

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DontDriveAngry said...

Looking forward to this review- I remember asking about it when you reviewed Cook's most recent work. I just have a bad recollection of Glittering Stone, just a downward slide in quality over the course of the series to the extent that I just wanted to get it over with by the last 2 books.