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For science fiction fans, and finally the public at large, the colonization of the moon was supposed to be a second chance. It was humanity’s opportunity to start with a blank slate, to transcend the mess we’d made of earthbound geopolitics. It was difficult to describe the heady optimism of just a decade ago when the SpaceX purse reached the tipping point that sparked the Space Race. In just the space of a few short years, that optimism is hard to remember. The slog on the moon mirrors the slog on Earth. The same environmental degradation. The same power dynamics. The same pall of fear drifting down from rattling sabers in constant orbit over the lunar surface. The moon may have been a blank slate, but human experience is millennia old, and we bring that baggage with us no matter where we go.

- MYKE COLE, Sixteenth Watch. For more info about this title, follow these Amazon Associate links: Canada, USA, Europe.

More than halfway through this book and it's pretty good so far!

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