Hi guys!
For a while now, I have realized that some of you were nice enough to add a link to this weblog on your own blog or website. Thanks a bunch for that!:-) I would love to return the favor and add a couple of links to this baby. But the problem is that I have no idea how to do that.

You see, I use a computer every day. But to my shame, I'm quite ignorant about the whole thing. Please keep in mind that you are dealing with a guy who barely found the porn when the internet came out!!!;-) In fact, I chose the weblog format because all I needed to do was to write my posts and the system took care of the rest!

So if anyone knows how to do this, please let me know. And I'll gladly add some links to my blog!


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Kelly Sedinger said...

The best way to do learn this kind of thing is to study other bloggers' templates, which you can do by clicking "View" on your browser and then dropping down to something that says "Page Source" or something similar.

Here's a blog that uses the same template you're using, for comparison's sake.

Anonymous said...

well, putting it somewhere nifty on your blog and not just in the text of the post will take some perusing of your template, but if you just want to insert one in your post, the html looks kinda like this:

a href="">
what you want displayed as a link<

obviously, the hard returns i inserted between the < s and the rest of the stuff would need to be deleted. i put them there so you'd see the actual code.

happy hunting!

NJS said...
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NJS said...

I am curious about your Golden Fleece tour. I plan to take this trip for my honeymoon. do you think that contiki added anything worth paying for to the Louis cruise itself (i.e. guided tours)? were the tours good, or could I set them up on my own easily?