New York Times Bestsellers

From now on, I will be tracking those novels which appear in the NYT bestseller list, both in the fantasy and science fiction genres. So check it out every week to know what's going on!;-)

February 8th 2005

In hardcover format, Terry Goodkind's Chainfire drops one spot to number 7. This last volume of The Sword of Truth series has been hanging in the Top 10 for 7 straight weeks now. Read my post "Things that make you go hmmm" to learn how I feel about this!

Luceno's Star Wars: Labyrinth of Evil debuts at number 9.

McCaffrey's Dragonsblood debuts at number 16, which means that it is a runner-up and not a "true" NYT bestseller.

King's Song of Susannah is still hanging in there at number 34, down 3 spots. As incredibly as it sounds, this Stephen King's novel has been on the NYT bestseller list for 45 straight weeks now!

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