If you wish to translate my interviews. . .

Hi guys!

I have just been asked by a reader if I would permit him to translate my R. Scott Bakker interview so he could post it on a French website. This has also happened in the past. My Robin Hobb interview was translated into French and German, and my Tad Williams was translated in German and Italian.

By perusing the blog's stats this morning, I've realized that the Steven Erikson interview has been around the globe many times over!;-) Thank you all for that! In any event, readers have posted about it on several foreign websites and message boards. And I just wanted everyone to know that if you are interested in translating it so that people whose understanding of the English language is not that good can enjoy it, then just get in touch with me and we'll set it up!:-)

The same thing goes for the interviews I did in 2005:

David B. Coe
Tad Williams
L. E. Modesitt, jr.
Robin Hobb
R. Scott Bakker

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