Win a free copy of David Forbes' THE AMBER WIZARD

Just got word from my contact at HarperCollins, and they are giving me the "go ahead" to set up yet another contest. This time, we have a copy of David Forbes' The Amber Wizard up for grabs. As I mentioned in my previous post, my review of this novel will appear on the blog in the near future. Meanwhile, you can visit, where you can read the prologue and the first chapter.

With The Amber Wizard, the author offers us a solid effort. Like Brandon Sanderson last year, David Forbes shows a lot of potential, and could well become one of the bright new voices in the fantasy genre. Which is why I'm happy to have the opportunity to help generate some interest for his upcoming fantasy novel.

As usual, the rules are quite simple. Just register be sending your full email address at reviews@(NO-SPAM) (get rid of the No-Spam thing). The header must read "THE AMBER WIZARD" or your email will be deleted. Once the name of the winner is announced, he or she will have the novel delivered right to their doorstep! It doesn't get easier than that!;-)

Good luck to all the participants!

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David Forbes said...

Hi Patrick! Thanks for setting up the contest. I really do appreciate it.