The Bronze Canticles contest winners

Hi guys!

Well, the names of the lucky winners have been drawn. Each will receive a full signed set of Tracy and Laura Hickman's The Bronze Canticles. Special thanks to Time Warner Books for supporting this contest. Without them, these things would not be possible.

The winners are:

Steve Spaulding, from Minneapolis, USA (RaceBannon42 on the asoiaf message board)

Amy Feinstein, from Pittsburgh, USA (Ella at

Charles Nelson, from Wolfville, Canada (Nadir at

Dan Tutor, from Rossford, USA (MonCul at

Steven and Cindy Jones, from Lee’s Summit, USA

Thanks to all the participants!

Stay tuned for more!

4 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I like free books in the mail.


(Ella at wotmania)

Anonymous said...

Super awesomeness. I would like to reiterate the above statement: "I like free books in the mail."

Anonymous said...

This is great. Thanks to Pat, Time Warner, and the Hickman's for books. Thanks to the ASOIAF board for publicizing the contests.


(Herbie at ASOIAF)

Race said...


Thanks so much!
This is greatly appreciated!