Some support for a fellow Canuck!

Guy Gavriel Kay has represented Canada in outstanding fashion for over two decades. And with the emergence of incredible talents such as Steven Erikson and R. Scott Bakker in recent years, some fantasy fans have been wondering if Canadian authors are gradually taking over the world.:-)

As you well know, I'm a big supporter of Canadian talent. Indeed, David Keck was a bit taken aback by everything I was willing to do to get him some much-needed and much-appreciated exposure. And as such, I'm doing all I possibly can to insure that Canucks will one day create that evil empire spanning the fantasy genre. After all, at least according to Terry Goodkind, we Canadians are no better than those Iranian crackpots!;-) But I digress. . .

Not so long ago, Larry (Dylanfanatic for most of you out there!) started a thread on He was asking people for ideas pertaining to what a writer could do to increase his or her visibility. It was soon discovered that he was attempting to find ways to get Caitlin Sweet a bit of publicity.

If you've read both the Bakker and Erikson interviews, you are undoubtedly aware that the Canadian media provides very little (not to say none) support to Canadian fantasy authors. Don't ask why. It's a Canadian thing -- like us saying "hey" every two sentences!;-)

In order to help Caitlin get more exposure, I've elected to write this introductive post about her and her novels. Thus far, she has written two fantasy books. The first one is A Telling of Stars. (More info about it: Canada, USA, Europe) The second one is The Silences of Home. (More info about it: here)

You can learn a lot more about the author and her works on Caitlin Sweet's website: More importantly, you will find sample chapters which can be perused online. Her writing style has been compared to that of Ursula K. Le Guin. Read the excerpts and see if they pique your curiosity.

Here is a link to Larry's review of The Silences of Home: Book review

Both Larry and I will be interviewing Caitlin Sweet in the near future. So keep an eye out for that! Meanwhile, give this Canadian author a shot!

Oh, and before I forget! Caitlin was nice enough to provide a link to some pics of her, R. Scott Bakker, Guy Gavriel Kay, and a bunch of others. Check them out! Personally, I think that Scott should drop this fantasy writing thing and do some modeling instead!;-) He does strike a rather fine figure. . .


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