George R. R. Martin Contest Winners

Well, here it is! The moment you have all been waiting for. It is now time to announce the names of our lucky winners!

First of all, let me thank both Random House (Bantam Dell) and HarperCollins UK (Voyager Books) for offering such great prizes to support this contest. 578 eager fans registered, making this the biggest contest I have run so far. Honestly, I doubt I'll ever beat that!

The Grand Prize Winner is:

Sarah Tolcser, from New Orleans, USA.

She'll be receiving a complete hardcover set of A Song of Ice and Fire, every volume signed by George R. R. Martin himself!

The two runner-ups are:

Mike Patterson, from Chicago, USA

Stephen Maddox, from Vancouver, Canada

Both will receive signed copies of the UK hardback edition of A Feast for Crows.

Many thanks to all the participants. By the way, I have received GRRM's answers to the interview questions. I cannot post the full Q&A until next month, but expect a teaser in the coming days!;-)

Stay tuned for more. . .

1 commentaires:

Sarah said...

Whoa, NO WAY! I never win anything! I thought I was hallucinating. Oh, and if anyone wants the unmatching set I've already got, I guess I have them to sell now. :-) Or better, gifts to pass on the GRRM goodness to others who haven't been exposed. Seriously, I am very excited, as I have never owned any books signed by the author.

Thanks so much, Patrick, for running these contests! (Am I sure I'm not hallucinating? I have been in the French Quarter tonight, after all.)