Lonely Planet Bluelist

My friends offered me this book as a present for my birthday earlier this spring. Traveling is a real passion for me, so a book containing 618 things to do and places to go in 2006-2007 was a "can't miss." A very thoughful gift indeed.

There is an ongoing love story between the Lonely Planet guidebooks and myself. They have become trusted companions on various journeys and I wouldn't leave home without one. Every time I lay eyes on that shelf on which stand over a dozen of them, fond memories of past travels swirl inside my mind. Simply put, for my money nothing beats a Lonely Planet guide. According to The Independent (UK), passport, dollars and Lonely Planet guide -- the essential survival kit anywhere on Earth. Amen!;-)

Lonely Planet Bluelist is the perfect book for anyone who has an interest in traveling. It elaborates on the world's coolest trends, destinations and traveling experiences for the year ahead. As always, it's written in the candid style that makes the Lonely Planet guidebooks dependable sources of information.

The book is split into two distinct parts. The first one concerns things to do, and is separated into categories (Top 10) such as Most remote places on Earth, Best places to get naked, Best value destinations, Cities on the rise, Most awesome treks, Best road trips, and the list goes on and on.

One of my favorite quotes showed up in the Most stupid thing you heard a tourist say! From an American in Canada: "It's almost like another country here."

The second portion has to do with places to go. That section is subdivided into different areas of the globe, and a number of countries are shortlisted as the destinations of choice. Following a brief overview of these particular countries, categories such as What's hot, What's not, Hot tips for travellers, Do mention, Don't mention, Random facts, Things to take, Defining experience, etc, provide myriad fascinating details about those countries and their people.

One of my favorite bits can be found in the section pertaining to Colombia: Taking out hostage insurance isn't a terrible idea. It's not as though foreigners are particularly targeted, but it's nice to know that a big corporation will pay your ransom if you get spirited away. Now, don't try to tell me that you're not tempted to go there!;-)

A calendar of events and festivals informs readers of the best times to visit each destination, and colorful pictures add a little something to each page.

Lonely Planet Bluelist makes the perfect gift idea for anyone who's always planning his or her next escapade. I just found out that the 2007 edition will be released later this fall.

If you enjoy traveling around the world, then this book's definitely for you!

For more information about it: USA, Europe

3 commentaires:

Neth said...

To be honest, I've come to favor Rick Steves' travelling guides to Lonely Planet. On my recent travels, I ended up travelling with one of each - and while each had certain advantages over the other, Rick Steves' guides were just a bit more useful.

Meljprincess said...

This sounds excellent. I'll find it. I am a travelin' fool.

Patrick said...

You, I never could get into Rick Steves. I don't know why. . .

When I first started to travel, I was buying Frommer's guidebooks because they contained more info about history, etc.

But when I realized just how more practical LP was, that was the end of it!