A new speculative fiction magazine has seen the light!

Hi guys!

I wanted to post about this a couple of days ago, but at some point I got sidetracked. Jay Tomio and his collaborators have just released the first issue of Heliotrope, a new periodical dedicated to speculative fiction. It contains articles by both R. Scott Bakker and Jeff Vandermeer, and it's worth checking out!

Congrats to Jay and his team!:-) Long live!

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Anonymous said...

*sigh* But why do these eZines always have to be PDFs?
In my opinion it would be way more practical to publish them on a normal website

Ed S. said...

What you see on HTML pages varies depending on which browser you are using, and the graphics and text will move around, fonts will be substituted etc. A professional looking document for which a lot of effort was expended in creating can be turned into mush in the eyes of the viewer because of the chaos that HTML allows. I admit that I am not a big fan of big clunky PDF files as compared to HTML web pages but I think in this case it is quite appropriate. PDF has the big advantage of locking in the font and graphics so that every viewer sees the same thing, the document exactly as it was originally created. It gives this new magazine a professional look and it's a very gook look indeed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention Pat, and the compliemnt Ed S. - I appreciate it.

The question has arisen elsewhere regarding our format, and although I'm the least knowledgable of the 3 of us who worked on the E-zine in terms of being E-savy I can tell you Ed S. is on the mark.

It was always our intention to publish in both formats, but the decision was made that we simply didn't like the HTML conversion, and rather than let a sup-par translation represent our work, it was decided to not to do one. We fully intend to have a fully operational HTML on our second issue (along with the PDF version - which we love), and we chalk it up as a learning experience (it is our first issue.)

It is our goal that each subsequent issue will be superior to its predecessor (both in terms of layout/format and content), and I think if we do that, we will be okay.