Elbakin.net interview with Scott Lynch

Hi guys!

My friends over at www.elbakin.net just posted a new interview with Scott. It's a French fantasy website, but they have also posted the English version of the Q&A.

Read it here.


4 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

What cover is that from? The paperback edition?

Maria A said...

I think so about the paperback.

What I was wondering is what happened with the RSURS cover art. There had been a red cover showing two stylized ships amidst red waves. Now they have the burning ship painting. Has the old cover been scrapped (I hope not) or are there again going to be two versions?

Patrick said...

This is the cover art for the US paperback edition.

Maria, the one you are referring to is the UK cover art for RSURS.

Maria A said...

ah, thanks for clearing that up. Fortunately I greatly prefer the US version.