Well, it sure seems that those positive reviews have generated a buzz surrounding the release of Patrick Rothfuss' debut, The Name of the Wind. If you scroll down, you can still register to win one of five signed hardcover copies of the novel I have up for grabs.

The book's cover art, however, has not been scoring too many points among fantasy fans. Many people have been wondering what the British version would look like. The Name of the Wind will be released across the pond in September. And yet, thanks to the good folks at Gollancz, here is the UK cover, though it is still in draft form.

Feel free to share your thoughts pertaining to those three different covers.

Oh, and by the way, I just got my Reaper's Gale page proofs this morning! MWOUHAHAHA!!!;-)

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Neth said...

Is it any surprise that the UK cover art is better?

Anonymous said...

haha, not really! :P (my patriotism includes cover art!)

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I think they're both pretty lame.

But I almost always like American covers better. They have paintings. UK covers have graphic designs. I mean, wasn't their version of Shadowmarch some trees shilouetted against a purple glow? How does that compare to a glorious Michael Whelan painting?

Anonymous said...


anyone who thinks us covers are better are either blind, or are extremely patriotic.

I've seen one book in the last 10 years or so that has a better US cover that comes to mind- the soon to be released winterbirth by US orbit.

Anonymous said...

I think the covers of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files are better in the US...but they are an exception. For the most part I really prefer the UK covers. Covers need to be simple and sharp, in my opinion, and over here they do a much better job.

Sir Thursday

Ista said...

The day that American cover art is better than UK, well... it'll be surprising for me. And by surprising, I mean the apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

It depends what you're looking for. If you like moody graphic design, you'll almost always prefer UK art.

If you prefer to see an actual painting, depicting the books characters and/or events, you'll prefer American.

I am a patriotic American, so that's definitely part of it ;).