Official cover art for Erikson's REAPER'S GALE

Hi guys!

Although this jpeg is in high resolution, the details are not as clear as what will be on the cover of Reaper's Gale. Based on the book plates Transworld sent me with the page proofs, you can see Rhulad a lot better. Still, I thought that you Malazan fans would get a kick out of seeing a larger image!;-)

I began Reaper's Gale last night, so I'll keep you posted on my progress. Methinks that Silchas Ruin will be a kick-ass character!

Oh, before I forget, both Erikson and Esslemont's publicists at Transworld are checking out if the copies of Reaper's Gale and Night of Knives I'll have for you to win later this spring can be autographed books!

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Anonymous said... in the end Transworld didn't really care that everyone hates the new cover?

That's sad. To be expected, but still sad :(

Anonymous said...

Tacky shit.

Anonymous said...


If anyone deserves the title of "insider" in the SFF circles, it's gotta be you bro! Been reading your blog for over a year now and kudos to you for the good work! Keep it up! You know everything before everyone and you give us the lowdown. That's cool.

They're talking shit about you again on Chouinard's forum, you know? Apparently some don't like the way you phrase your stuff. For what it's worth, it's good enough for me!

Anyway, thanks for sharing those Erikson covers and other useful info. I'm so jealous to know you're reading Reaper's Gale right now!

If this sucking up to you has improved my chances to win any one of these damn contests, could you please make it so that I get my hands on RG!?! If the books are signed by SE, even better!


P. S. This new Malazan cover style still sucks...

Anonymous said...

(Bonehunters spoilers follow)

It actually bears quite a close resemblance to the description of Rhulad on the Deck of Dragons card King Of High House Chains from The Bonehunters - Rhulad on a throne, swathed in shadows, etc. If they remake all the covers to look like cards from the Deck, that would be awesome. It's not all bad news, you know.

Anonymous said...

Is that really the cover we will get in Canada??
I saw it on and almost cried. I will admit it I am a total book snob. Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to change the cover mid-series?! That is never a good idea! My perfect row of trade paperbacks with perfect gold lettering is ruined! They didn't even keep the same font for his name... :( Ok spazz over.

But really, why?