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Hi guys!

Things are pretty hectic around here, what with my final Bar exams coming up. Taking a break from studying, I thought I'd let you know what you can expect on the Hotlist in the near future. I just finished Ian McDonald's Brasyl (Canada, USA, Europe), which will probably be the science fiction novel of 2007. If not, it will end up very near the top!;-) My review should go live soon.

Book Reviews:

Upcoming reviews will include Scott Lynch's Red Seas under Red Skies (Canada, USA, Europe), Steven Erikson's The Lees of Laughter's End, Richard Morgan's Black Man/Thirteen (Canada, USA, Europe), David Bilsborough's The Wanderer's Tale (Canada, USA, Europe), which some believe could be the fantasy debut of the year, and James Barclay's Cry of the Newborn (Canada, Europe).

In addition, Voyager Books are sending me page proofs of Robin Hobb's Renegade's Magic (Europe), so I should also sink my teeth into this one before its release date!:-)


My latest interview with Steven Erikson will be posted as soon as the author gets back to me with his answers.

Interviews with Greg Keyes, Peter F. Hamilton and Katherine Kurtz will see the light, eventually!;-) The questions have been sent, so we wait. . .

As soon as I'm done with Red Seas under Red Skies, I'll be doing a Q&A with Scott Lynch. The same can be said of Robin Hobb, who has agreed to do yet another interview with me! Provided I enjoy The Wanderer's Tale, there should be a Q&A with David Bilsborough. The same with James Barclay.

I always have additional projects cooking up, which means that there will be more. Stay tuned for that!:-)


Early next week, I'll be announcing a contest for signed copies of Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Justice (Canada, USA).

Del Rey Books have agreed to supply a copy of Richard Morgan's Thirteen for a giveaway. I'm trying to get the UK edition as well.

I haven't received confirmation just yet, but I'm confident that a Scott Lynch contest for Red Seas under Red Skies will see the light in the coming weeks.

I will have copies of Robin Hobb's Renegade's Magic up for grabs, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

I'm also trying to set up something for David Bilsborough's The Wanderer's Tale. Other than that, you'll have to wait and see!;-)

That's about it for now. . .

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Anonymous said...

That's great, but what about the interview with Scott Bakker ? Wasn't it scheduled for this spring as well ?

Patrick said...

Yes, I'll be sending Scott the questions at some point next week. But with him being so busy, I don't know how long it will take him to get back to me with his answers...:-)