Malazan limited editions!:-)

Subterranean Press are about to announce that they have purchased the rights to publish limited editions for the first two volumes of The Malazan Book of the Fallen, Gardens of the Moon and Deadhouse Gates.

If the sales are good, they are planning to do the same with the subsequent volumes of the series. More information should be forthcoming on

I will also pass along whatever info I get from Bill, so stay tuned for more!;-)
Here's what Bill had to say:
Thanks to everyone who weighed in to our recent post about a fantasy series we’re going to be publishing. I’ve just been given permission by Tor — who’ve been great to work with on this — to announce that we’ve reached agreement to publish the first two volumes of Steven Erikson’s The Malazan Book of the Fallen. If sales of those two books (500 numbered copies and 52 lettered copies) are up to expectation, look for us to sign on the rest of the series. Steve and we have chosen Michael Komarck to provide 8-10 full color illustrations for each volume, as well as a chapter head motif to be repeated. We’ll have more details soon, but at this point it looks as though the lettered editions will feature a dust jacket different from the numbered, be housed in a custom traycase, and also have an exclusive gatefold pull out illustration.

3 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Great news. It's been quite obvious for a while now that this was coming, but it's exciting nonetheless. Alas, I imagine they'll be sold out in a flash leaving many of us wanting, but them's the breaks...

Anonymous said...

Awesome! These will be worth every dollar!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I started to collect the GRRM ASoIaF series in lettered editions but sold them off when they went to Sub Press. Would have liked to keep going with them but they were just too darn expensive to only look pretty on the book shelf.

Trust me, when you buy books that ncie you don't get them down often to check them out or even read them. I kinda realised it was pointless except as an investment (which the first two GRRM books turned out to be) and I was happier to give them to a serious collector.

Having said that, I still want the Malazan ones! :)