My upcoming interview with Steven Erikson

Many of you have been inquiring about this Q&A, wondering when it will be posted.

Erikson's computer crashed recently, which is why you guys are still waiting. Have no fear, I will post it as soon as I get the author's email!;-) The length of the interview is also an issue, I think. What was supposed to be a chat about Reaper's Gale (much like my recent chat with Ian McDonald) grew into a full-length Q&A by the time I was done selecting the questions. Then came the US cover art for The Bonehunters, and we knew we had to address that as well, so you get the picture.

Show a little patience, my friends. The interview is coming up!

P. S. I told Steven that the folks at would probably castrate me if he didn't tell us exactly how tall is Karsa Orlong, so hopefully you guys will have your answer!;-)

2 commentaires:

Alex said...

Will there be Reaper's Gale spoilers in the interview? Just wondering if I should avoid what I normally would read with great happiness.

Patrick said...

Both Erikson and Esslemont seem to avoid spoilers like the plague! So I guess you don't have to worry...

The questions are spoiler-free, as the interview was supposed to go live before RG was released.