Gail Z. Martin contest winner!

The name of our lucky winner has been drawn. That person will receive a signed copy of Gail Z. Martin's debut, The Summoner, compliments of the author and Solaris.

The winner is:

- Sharon Haas, from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA

Thanks to all the participants!;-)

Upcoming giveaways in July will include Peter F. Hamilton's The Dreaming Void, Neal Asher's Hilldiggers, Tobias S. Buckell's Ragamuffin and Brandon Sanderson Mistborn: Well of Ascension. Stay tuned!

4 commentaires:

kazul said...

Thanks so much for choosing me as the winner! New books are always welcomed at my house.
Thanks also for all the great reviews. I've been reading lots of great books that I might have never found if I hadn't heard about them here!

Anonymous said...

Darn. I lose once again. And this winner was so close to my own home in WI!!! This is a sign that my turn is coming. After about two years of visiting this site, yes, I will win s book. Hah hah haaaaah.

kazul said...

I don't mind sharing my books
: )

kazul said...

Thanks again for this book! I'm abt 1/3 into it and will be losing much sleep reading in the nights to come!