Terry Goodkind's last volume in The Sword of Truth series

This might not be breaking news if you're a fan of the author, but I received an update concerning Voyager Books' fall line-up today.

Terry Goodkind's next novel will be titled Confessor and it will be the final volume of The Sword of Truth saga.

Just thought that some of you might like to know. . .
And here's the cover art -- pretty much in sync with both Chainfire and Phantom.

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Flip Dixon said...

I'm a weirdo.

I like Terry Goodkind and I like Pan's Fantasy Hotlist.

Aidan Moher said...

You're not alone Pamela!

I'm not as eager to read Goodkind as I used to be, but I will definitely pick up Confessor to see how Richard and Kahlen's story ends.

In fact, I just bought Phantom, which I should read sometime soon!

A Dribble of Ink

Patrick said...

That's good to know, Pamela.

But who's Pan!?!;-)

Anonymous said...

Im surprised you kept the hostility level down to a minimum this time.
Was pleasently surprised

Patrick said...

What can I say!?!

You guys caught me on a good day!;-)

Anonymous said...

An absolutely horrendous author and series, at least it'll look nice on fire.

John Looney said...

I loved a Terry Goodkind short story I read about 'Zed'. It whet my appetite for more of his works.

I was amazed at how simple & formulaic his novels were, compared to the pithy pace of his short stories! I read the first book of the sword of truth series, and it passed a lot of time. By the time I got to book three, I couldn't keep going. I found I'd housework to do...etc.

There should be some commission to stop people repeatedly flogging such dead horses.