Locus Awards Winners

You can find the entire list of winners here.

As always, I expect that many will not agree with the selection, but that's the way love goes!;-)

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Anonymous said...

Actually, these are not "selections" as in "selected by a jury", but this is a voted award and anyone who wants CAN vote for it. Unlike e.g. the Hugos. You don't have to be a subscriber of Locus to do so. I voted in the awards and I am happy with the results, although I voted for Lynch in the best first novel category. I can understand why Novik won, though. I read her book as well and liked it well enough.


Ran said...

It looks like a pretty good list to me. In particular, I'm very pleased with Kushner's win in the best fantasy category. Terrific novel.

I would have preferred Lynch to Novik, but Novik's first book is really very good, so I can't fault it one bit.

Patrick said...

I have no problem with Naomi Novik winning the award. I loved her books, and I'm eager to read EMPIRE OF IVORY.

Yet I'm aware that not everyone feels the way I do. . .

Anonymous said...

So you've got some plans to have a go at a few books in the list?? That's good! Phew.
I don't remember you reviewing Kushner's novel and I'm surprised I haven't heard of it even in the UK. Will pick it up :D
Cheers, Chris.