Fantasy Hotlist number 1???

Hi guys,

With the incredible increase in traffic of the last few months, I sort of knew that this blog ranked among the most popular SFF book reviewing blogs out there. But, according to this email I just received, it appears that the Hotlist is number 1 in terms of traffic! Man, that made my day!:-)

Here's an excerpt from Gillian's email:

Hey Pat!

I've been reading your blog since the beginning and let me tell you that you do a terrific job! Keep up the good work!;)

You may remember me. I contacted you last year to ask you for some advice. I was considering creating my own blog and you seemed like the perfect person to ask! Anyways, I never did go through with that project, but I continued to follow what's going on on yours.

Not so long ago you mentioned that you had received your 200,000th visitor and 300,000th page view. This got me thinking and wondering which blogs were the most popular in the world. I figured that yours had to be near the top. Did you know that tracks the traffic rankings of websites and blogs worldwide? So I checked things out and made a chart of the ranking of each fantasy and science fiction book reviewing blog I know. Yours, Jay Tomio's, William Lexner's, as well as those by Rob from, Kcf and all the rest.

Pat, you're number 1! Ain't that good to hear!?!:) Of all the websites in the world, you have the 2,202,397th most popular and that puts you on top of the competition!


Just thought this would interest you!



Well, it seems that I've slipped down a bit. I'm now ranked number 2,345,363 in the world. . . Still, this is crazy. . . I mean, number 1!

I don't know what to think! Yet I know I have you guys to thank for this, as it would be no fun without an audience!:-)

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DesLily said...

well, you work at keeping this a blog people want to return to! Congrats!

Neth said...

Well, it's no surprise that you have me beat - you've been active longer, have giveaways, etc. You're traffic is around 5 to 10x mine. Oh well, I'm not too jealous ;)

According to Techonorati, you're rank is 44,205 (mine is around 109,000) - that should put you in the rankings of Scalzi's top SFF blogs. Keep up the good work.

Aidan Moher said...

Can't say this news surprises me! Your blog has always been the place to go, in my mind, when it comes to great reviews and interviews.

Congratulations on all the hard work!

A Dribble of Ink

Robert said...

Interesting website. I'll have to check it out along with that Technorati one. Not expecting pretty numbers though ;)

Anonymous said...

Great news! Just suprises me that you were surprised! :P

Well done.

Anonymous said...

That is pretty amazing. My poor little blog doesn't even show up on Alexa yet. Congrats on the great website.

Flip Dixon said...

Congrats Pat! This is a quality blog and you obviously put a lot of hard work into it. You deserve every bit of your success.

SQT said...

Wow. That's impressive.