Shameless Plug: Otherland

Looking for something special to read during your vacations? Well look no further, for Tad Williams' Otherland just might be what you need! A feat of imagination, this series is Tad Williams at his peak.

Though I consider Otherland to be the author's best work to date, it's probably the series that garnered the most mixed reviews. There's a veritable love/hate relationship between readers and Otherland. Hence, chances are that you'll either be mesmerized or put off by these four volumes.

Still, as one of the most ambitious, imaginative and mind-blowing SFF series ever written, I encourage you to give Otherland a shot! All four volumes are available in paperback, which makes them the perfect fit for vacation reads. Also, they're Tad-size books, giving you more bang for your buck (or pound, or euro, or whatever!).

So follow the tribulations of Renie, !Xabbu, Paul Jonas, Orlando, Mister Sellars and many others as they discover that virtual reality conceals a conspiracy that threatens to destroy the Earth. But can they possibly realize what the Grail Brotherhood are truly planning before it's too late? Embark on an adventure that will take you to the four corners of a multiverse which will never cease to amaze you!

- City of Golden Shadow: Canada, USA, Europe
- River of Blue Fire: Canada, USA, Europe
- Mountain of Black Glass: Canada, USA, Europe
- Sea of Silver Light: Canada, USA, Europe

Otherland is a series well worth discovering. . .:-)

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Tia Nevitt said...

I agree. Renie and !Xabbu are some of my favorite characters ever, along with Orlando, of course.

Anonymous said...

i agree, tads a great author and this sequence blew me away!

Anonymous said...

I read the first book back in 2001, and I bought the rest of the series. Unfortunately, I never got back around to it, and I suspect I'll have to re-read the first book so I'll remember all the little details. :)

I do remember enjoying it quite a bit though. :)

Unknown said...

Good books though I thought the first 2 were the best in that series.

Aidan Moher said...

An excellent series.

It holds a very special place in my heart for the very reason you stated a couple of times in your write-up: I took it with me as a backpacked through Europe.

Tadl's written a lot of great things, but I agree that Otherland is probably his most ambitious, creative and mesmerizing work.

I can't believe the imagination that man has!

A Dribble of Ink

Finnegan M. Bloom said...

Couldn't agree more. I finished this series a few months ago and was amazed by the scale and skill of it. Johnny Dread is the best villain in any sci-fi/fantasy series I've ever read, bar none.

kazul said...

I agree! I lived in that series when I was reading it and have been back twice since

Anonymous said...

Great series, certainly the best story about virtual reality ever written.

I don't seem to remember anything about the world itself being in danger, though.

Graeme Flory said...

'River of Blue Fire' was my favourite out of the four. The scenes in 'Insect World' were very very cool!
'Memory, Sorrow and Thorn' is still my favourite Tad Williams series though... ;o)